Piece by Piece - Sara Angelucci and Sanaz Mazinani

Piece by Piece - Sara Angelucci and Sanaz Mazinani

Exhibition from September 22 to November 12, 2017.

Opening on September 21, 2017 at 6 pm. Free entrance.

Meeting with the artists and the curators at 5 pm. Booking:

2017 marks the 150-year milestone of the Canadian Confederation. For that occasion, the Canadian Cultural Centre has initiated a reflection on one particular dimension of the Canadian national identity: the diversity generated by immigration. Together with the First Nations (indigenous peoples) and the so-called “founding” peoples ( from the era of the French and English colonies ),  immigrant communities that arrived throughout its history and to this day, form another stem of the variegated population of Canada.

Piece by Piece offers a reflection through two artistic practices which confer powerful symbolic meaning to concrete action—the worker’s gesture, activist action, the act of piecing together, of assembling and gathering, of composing unity from a set of diverse but complementary pieces. And the homophonic idea of “peace” rings like a possible alternative to the title, as an ideal result of the action.

This exhibition brings together the work of two artists, one of whom is a New Canadian, while the other was born in Canada to a family of New Canadians. Piece by Piece refers to local and global sociopolitical stakes, to artistic practice in general, as well as to the works of both artists in particular whose combined projects offer an original dialogue about our mosaic-like world.

This exhibition has received the support of the Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto, and of the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

From September 21 to November 12, 2017
Place : Canadian Cultural Centre
Price : Free Admission


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